Tony Pioli’s World of Photography

ARPS Panel

For my Associateship panel I included a cross section of subjects to indicate my interest in all aspects of the Natural World.

My nature photography commenced with images of birds and wildfowl hence these are represented. Although evidence is apparent that I was eager to photograph any aspect of wildlife that presented itself, from Atlantic Seals to reptiles and amphibians, it is even more apparent that my main area of interest progressed towards the photography of insects and spiders.

Hence, almost half of my panel comprised a mixture of Lepidoptera, the most colourful spider in Britain, a solitary paper wasp as well as two very unusual Continental members of the Neuroptera.

Nowadays, most of my photography is directed towards insect photography and I am currently striving to produce an assemblage of images to represent insect diversity and behaviour in order to achieve a Fellowship of the RPS.


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